Week Three – Failing at Photoshop. Practice Right?

Not my greatest achievement to date. In high school I did a Photoshop and photography class for a semester. Clearly none of it stayed with me, and one could assume I was pretty awful at it. At home the only editing suite I had at the time was ‘Adobe Photoshop Express‘, which  essentially works within the boundaries of set filters and changes to contrast/exposure etc.

Today’s class made me realise that working in class itself wasn’t going to be enough. There wasn’t enough time to complete anything substantial or manpower to guide me through it step by step.


This way I could self teach myself with tutorials and actually accomplish complete works to add to my portfolio evidence (hopefully). This was needed as it was still, like Photoshop, completely foreign.

Basic beginner’s tutorial:

Creating a GIF tutorial:

Admittedly this made me feel a little intimidated. I still wasn’t getting a great grasp on it, but again, practice, practice, practice. Hopefully you’ll see some progression in my portfolio evidence as the semester continues.


Creating the GIF was and probably will be the most difficult task for me this semester. I’m still not savvy in Photoshop, or Gimp for that matter, and the process was long and frustrating. I had help from a class member, Lucy, who I took inspiration from and helped me with the process.

I had to crop the leaf as close as possible, which ironically was the easiest and yet most tedious part. After that it became more a matter of understanding how Photoshop worked at a finicky level. I realised I had to duplicate plain layers that had my original leaf over the top of them, and then add in the separate pictures in another layer in order to merge them together. However, this only worked half the time because I didn’t realise the original layer with the plain background and overlapping leaf must be on top of the second layer [physically, in the side bar] in order to merge. Tricky tricky. After that I still couldn’t get the timing for each moving piece exactly correct, that said I was pretty proud that I’d come this far.

I really want to go with a concept that the beauty of the environment is slowly being sullied by the world. To a degree I took inspiration from ephemeral artist Andy Goldsworthy
(http://www.goldsworthy.cc.gla.ac.uk/), who works only with found materials and creates pieces which will eventually decay or change. Though I do realise this is also contradictory in the sense I created something with a computer, instead of with nature itself.

My GIF, created outside of class, using the images sourced from the same day and produced in photoshop.
My GIF, created outside of class, using the images sourced from the same day and produced in Photoshop.

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