Week Two – Exploring the field? Going into the unknown? In over your head? Research.

Week two and still a nervous wreck about this course and its content, but I hope you enjoy the cliches. So where to start? Research, research, research.

I was first enlightened to the notion that the simple written word (book form) is a dying art by Dr. Stuart Cooke in university course ‘Radical Fictions’.  Along with his associate and guest lecturer Dr. Jason Nelson, they crushed my childhood memories and dreams. Books are going out of fashion, multi-platformed writing is the future and for young writers something that must be adopted.

Due to this research starts with Jason Nelson, a writer in the field himself. He briefly showed us his works in that lecture, though now I had a reason to actually go looking.
I liked the platforms used in ‘Sydney’s Siberia’ (mosaic-like), ‘Birds Still Warm From Flying’ (cube-like), and ‘This is how you will die’ (game). All similar and different at the same time, illustrating how interaction can be multi-modal and executed differently.  That said, while conceptually the site is wonderful, it is less than desirable to look at. His new website, however, that almost flows like a blog is much more appealing.

In my continued search I wondered into the Digital Writing course content and discovered the National Archives. This was similar to Jason’s ‘Sydney’s Siberia’, in that a box lead to another box and another, however this was physically beautiful and structured.

From here: National Archives > shuffle records > Cliff Palace > A Big Tree > AND VIOLA. Initial stages of research complete. Now to fret over how to accomplish such design.


Sourced from http://digitalvaults.org/
Sourced from http://digitalvaults.org/


To get us motivated, we also undertook a spontaneous writing exercise, drawing inspiration from different locations around the university. It felt good to write again. This was the outcome.

1. The air conditioner feigns to cool the sticky humidity. It falls short of triumph when the building smells like food, gas or something familiar but too distant to recognise, not that removing such odours is its responsibility. Beep. Beep. Beep.

2. Swanky perspex umbrella tables and their freshly designed seats to accommodate the lazy hipster. This is the ‘new’ Griffith.

3. A slew of caffeine addictions create their own culture pots. They are busy. Noisy. Aladdin pants, sunnies and tattoos. At least the place smells decent.

4. A lack of tea makes this hospitality venue far less accommodating. However, almonds in the shade on a sunny day make for a happy, albeit green tea deprived, Hannah.

5. PHD’s like Lucy. We’re stopped by Marcus Waters and Jason Nelson. He’s charming, though it seems he considers himself an enigma. What comes of this meeting? A magic marble. A tale, a sentiment and a gift passed down from his grandfather and is now given to Lucy. A kindness. I like him for this. Marcus prattles away as he always does. I enjoy his company, despite his constant use of the words ‘cunt’, ‘fuck’ and ‘bullshit’. Despite receiving tenure it seems the students still haven’t warmed to this, he’s stressed to our class if they have a problem to see him directly, not the board of directors. Funny things, the sides we do and don’t see of people. The faces presented.

6. We sit down. The breeze is nice. At least she got her coffee. It’s nice to finally make a friend, not just an acquaintance. We talk about simple things, the pop culture of our generation. Something you think would flow naturally, but when you’re surrounded in other classes by girls who talk about fashion and boys who try to construct arguments to make their intelligence greater than its current standing, you forget how easily it should flow.

7. Jake’s here. He cut his fro. Much more attractive bro.

8. Already feeling in over my head with this course. Didn’t realise how involved the ‘digital’ aspects would be. Silly rabbit, should have read the profile better, hell, should have looked at the name closer. Tech illiterate n00b.


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