Week Eight – iBooks Author. The indie way to write with very limited freedom, just how they like it.

So iBooks author proves both friend and foe. It allows you to self publish any work you desire (at a price) and provides a different multi-modal medium to write in. However, the program is filled with templates and restricted formatting which limits personal expression. That said, the certain templates provided can aid less tech-savvy people and provide something visually aesthetic whether or not they’re promoting personal hobbies (cooking) or constructing a text book for educational purposes. Luckily there are various video tutorials to guide you through the creation process.


Today we chose five numbers between 24-144 (page numbers) and those five pages represented different objects that must be integrated in an experimental work in iBooks author.

My five items were:
– Airedale terriers
– The buoys
– The last but not least (snake)
– Flags of the world in egg shapes
– Our early unlimited inboard hydroplanes of seattle seafairs 1951-1954 gold cup races.

A seemingly odd mixture, I chose to produce the story in the perspective of a small town boy from Alabama with a sweet and quirky family.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.47.30 PM

iBooks author piece
iBooks author piece

I’m both in favour and not of the program, but like Photoshop, I imagine it’s just something that needs to be played around with. I think because of the nature of the final major assignment, I’d feel more comfortable approaching iBooks author than a HTML depending on difficulty level.


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