Week Ten – Failing at HTML. Woe is Me.

This week we were guided through the construction process of a website, specifically html coding. I cannot express the degree to which I detest it. The process is fiddly and time consuming, and unless well versed in the technical aspects of it, difficult. My piece itself, despite being guided through it, was basic and quite frankly plain and ugly.  The piece was more than simplistic, blue background, black text, rollover image.


The only experience I’ve had previously with coding is on Myspace. Way back when coding was used if you wanted your personal profile page to not fit the main template. You could pick another template from a  myriad of websites dedicated to new templates, then customise at will. Colour of background and text, size of text, what music was played, what facets of your profile you actually showed (e.g. ‘About Me’ section). These sites then had specific directions as to how to accomplish what you desired.


While these directions of course could be located on any ‘How To Use Dreamweaver’ websites, it’s not nearly as simple or fun constructing an entire page from scratch.


Because I have no interest or hope in completing something sophisticated using this program, I won’t be utilising Dreamweaver for my final assignment and will instead go back to using iBooks Author.

We also discussed the ever growing rate of technology and how others are utilising it. For example, QUT’s The Cube, one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces.

The Cube
The Cube


When asked to design our own interactive learning piece without restrictions, I developed the concept ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Why can’t we be friends is a large scale installation that both collates data while simultaneously delivering fact and history of technology in an interesting and comedic way. It also shows the potential technology has for the future, and attempts to dissect what the tested subjects hope for (Flying car, enslaved robots etc). It will be delivered in an educational ‘choose your own adventure’ game format.

The installation will use a large scale hardback book, replica Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) controller, and a projector. The book will contain blank pages and be several meters tall and wide. These pages will have sensors and know when they have been moved, at which point the projector knows when to go to the next image.

At the beginning the test subject is given a choice of character. This character can be chosen from a classic Nintendo character, the Microsoft Word paperclip aid, or even the spinning apple colour wheel for simplicity.  The chosen character will act as the cursor. The test subject therefore physically has to move on top of the SNES controller to move across the page.

Like in iBooks Author, there will be multiple choice quizzes and interactive pictures which will be chosen using certain buttons. These quizzes for instance aid in collecting data and prove interesting for the test subject. However, while some of these questions are strictly to acquire knowledge, some will not let the subject continue unless they have picked the right answer, otherwise their adventure could cease to exist.

For example, if the question “There are several different new and exciting technologies emerging, which would you choose to enhance mankind most?” and they pick answer “C) A new temperamental and high maintenance system of A.I. robots designed to aid human beings in domestic areas, which are currently seeing issues but are undergoing system reboots.” The subject’s path could finish on the next page revealing a Will Smith iRobot scenario.

This encourages the subjects to consider our failings as human’s in the past, our fears of things that could potentially go wrong theoretically or with proof, and encourage them to choose more eco-friendly and economically efficient paths for future technology.

Can’t say it’ll ever happen, but it was a fun activity.


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