Week Nine – Infographics, not just clever marketing.

Infographics, or information graphics, are generally extensive pieces of data or knowledge presented in a visually quick and clean way. They would most likely be adopted for marketing or educational purposes, however, if adopted creatively, one could present an entire story quite vividly.

Sourced from Google Images
Sourced from Google Images

Similar to the infographic templates seen online such as in Piktochart,  there are a variety of ways to present the information at hand. However, this format isn’t strictly limited to the online templates we associate the concept with.

Original template (left), edited piece (right)
Original template (above), edited piece (below)

For another Griffith University course, Radical Fictions, I chose this format unknowingly, by presenting a piece of fiction through printed out pages of a laptop and iPhone screen. These pages showed what people were doing, saying and subtle insights about the individual’s story that seemingly told quite a lot.

Essentially, this is a relatively quick method for the author and reader to express their ideas, and is another tool that could make significant headway in the creative writing field. Writer Reif Larsen wrote an online article in 2012 exploring the infographic and its success it contemporary culture. He advises that while the format is growing in acceptance, readers should be cautious of the grey area between fact and fiction, and not to trust or rely solely on the information given.


In conjunction with the infographics, we also explored collaborative works in Vue. We each took turns at adding a piece to another’s story. Most of which ran fluidly and humorous. This could be argued that our age group relatively thinks the same way, but conceptually we’re all quite versatile. This notion too could support emerging writers adopting mediums such as infographics, that despite adopting a current format, your individuality will shape the piece quite differently.

Collaborative Piece
Collaborative Piece

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